Directions (11 – 20): Two words are given in each option and you are required to identify the option inwhich both the words fits the given blank.

Steve Jobs, cofounder of Apple Computer, was born in February 1954 in central California to anAmerican mother and Syrian father who gave him up for adoption a week after birth. He was_____11_____ in a bluecollar home just as nearby Silicon Valley was starting to _____12_____ as atechnology centre, and got his first job at the age of 12 by calling HewlettPackard founder BillHewlett at his home. Jobs _____13_____ a grade at school thanks to his high IQ but was later_____14_____ for a series of pranks, such as _____15_____ bombs and releasing snakes in theclassroom.After only one semester, Jobs dropped out of university and began working for nascent videogamemaker Atari, until he had saved enough money to _____16_____ on a spiritual trek to India. Hereturned after the trip to his job at Atari, where in 1976 he _____17_____ colleague and friend SteveWozniak to quit his job and launch a company to sell the home computer Wozniak had designed.Jobs quickly sold 50 of the computer kits to a local store, and Apple was on its way, with Wozniak asthe designer and Jobs the marketer. From the start Jobs exhibited a _____18_____ for singlemindedindividuality, which earned him a reputation among early Apple employees as a fierytempered,brilliant but _____19_____ boss. His successes were often worldchanging, but his failures were equally _____20_____

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