Directions (16-20): Study the information carefully and answer the Questions that follows.

For study purpose, a group of nine students Anjali, Aman, Nikhil, Divya, Sneha, Amit, Yuvraj, Ankit, Shalinee in a school which are toppers of particular subjects Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Accounts, Physics, Zoology, Botony, Hindi, English not necessary in a order. They belonged from different cities not necessary in the order mentioned above, cities were Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Gwalior, Indore, Bhopal, Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai. Rest of the information is given below.The one who belonged to Hyderabad was a topper of English. Shalinee was a throughout topper of accounts with her home town neither Bhopal nor Indore. Divya had her native place somewhere in Madhya Pradesh. Divya neither studied Mathematics nor Physics. Sneha studied Zoology and is a Indore chess club member. The one who studied Mathematics neither lived in Pune nor in Chennai. Divya studied Biology as her favourite subject and was a topper throughout. The one who studies accounts lives in Pune. The one who studies Botony does not lives in neither Chennai nor Kolkata. Ankit studied Hindi and was the topper of it. The one who studied accounts lives in pune. Anjali studied mathematics and lives with joint family in Mumbai. Yuvraj studies English and always scores 98/99 out of 100 in it which makes him topper of English. The one who studied Botony is Amit. The one who studied Hindi does not resides in Kolkata. Yuvraj belonged to Hyderabad. Aman scored highest in Physics as the result of IIT – JEE came out in Delhi. Amit lived in Gwalior.

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